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About Us

Welcome to swanseamarket.co.uk – this website was started on September 29th 2018, developed to enable people within the Swansea and surrounding areas to place free classified ads, join online community and browse and contribute to various sections such as history, news, business.

This website is not affiliated in any way with Swansea Indoor Market.  Their website can be seen here: http://www.swanseaindoormarket.co.uk/

We are simply an online marketplace presence for Swansea and its surrounding areas, helping connect business to cusomers and people with people.

As a commercial website, there are various advertisements places around the website, this is to help contribute to the costs of running the website.  If a profit is generated it will be donated to the local community as chosen for by website members via a vote.

swanseamarket.co.uk is simply an online presence, an online marketplace.  To reiterate, swanseamarket.co.uk is not affiliated in anyway with http://www.swanseaindoormarket.co.uk/ which is run by Swansea City Council.

We are an online marketplace.